Angling report by Bill N.

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In the fall of 2011 I took a fishing trip that was more than 17 years in the planning stages. It all began in 1994 when my wife, Kit, flew to South America to meet me in Patagonia. Her plane was 30,000 feet in the air when she struck up a conversation with a fly fisherman seated next to her. He inquired of her what type of fishing I preferred, to which she responded “. . . he prefers spring creeks and sighted fish.” His retort was “. . . tell him to go to Slovenia.”

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World championships Slovenia 2012 by Howard Croston – Published at Hardy
The 2012 World Fly Fishing Championships were held in the stunning, fish filled rivers of Slovenia, a small country in size but vast in terms of angling opportunity. Team England consisted of Paul Page as Manager, John Horsey, Simon Robinson, Phil Dixon, John Tyzack and myself with Scott Nellins as reserve, a strong squad with a wide range of skills and experience across both rivers and lakes.

Our campaign began a week prior to the actual championships at our team base. We settled immediately into the very comfortable and friendly atmosphere of our guest house. Shortly after arriving we were treated to an excellent home cooked meal and a welcome drink - things where already looking good! Despite the relatively short journey time to Slovenia from the UK it was an exhausted England Team that hit the sack early ready for the start of our intense practice sessions.

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Article by Garretg Cann, Fishtech

Welcome to Slovenia!

Throughout my short fly fishing career I have had the pleasure of fishing many beautiful and wild locations across the globe. But without a doubt the most breathtaking place was Slovenia.

Fly Fishing Slovenia

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Slovenia also in new book written by Chris Santelly

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