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Diary by Jeff Body when fishing Slovenian rivers with us in 2009

Fishing Diary

SLOVENIA Fishing Diary September 2009

Article published at by Valentin Muhaxheri, our guest in 2009

I was lucky to have friends and colleagues telling me their fishing stories from Slovenia. I had planned a trip there for almost a year, but never managed to go due to different urgent matters that would pop-up. It’s a shame, I live in Vienna, just four hours drive from most of the Slovenian salmonide waters.
This time, I planned my trip much better. I decided to take Friday off and drive to Slovenia. The problem was still “which rivers do I fish”? I heard a lot of stories about Tolmin area, within the beautiful National Park of Triglav. There flows the most beautiful river in Europe, Soca. Soca and its tributaries provide with excellent fishing opportunities for Marble Trout and Grayling. The next option was Sava Bohinjka and Radovna river, just at the Lake Bohinj, another touristic attraction. Then, in my mind was also the river Idrijca, known for its difficult fishing but also for its giant fish.

Read more: Article published at by Valentin Muhaxheri, our guest in 2009

Beet - december 2008

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