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Fish Story: Chasing Marbles in Slovenia

Written by: Dave Danley, Falcons Ledge


This beautiful, 20-inch marble trout sports red spots, as they do in certain watersheds.
Photo courtesy Dave Danley
In September 2010, my wife and I had the rare opportunity to travel to Slovenia. This was the culmination of many years of dreaming and researching about this country and its endemic marble trout. I had learned about clear streams running out of the magnificent Julian Alps when I was in high school and had dreamed about fishing and hiking there since that day. My wife, who shares my love of hiking and the outdoors, was just as eager as I to hike and explore this magnificent part of the world.

Through extensive research, I had found that Rok Lustrik is one of the foremost experts in Slovenia fly-fishing and got in contact with him. He was on vacation with his family, but was kind enough to set me up with one of his best guides. My luggage had been lost by the airline, so I had to borrow some old boots and waders and a rod I had never even heard of, called a "Crystal Princess." With my borrowed gear, my guide, and I took a train through the Julian Alps to a tributary of the Soca River that my guide indicated held marble trout.

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Article published in Flylife leading Australian and New Zealand fly fishing magazine


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