Dick Warner

Dear Rok

I hope you are enjoying some well earned relaxation after looking after three very happy old men.
You are a star Fisherman and Fishing guide, who showed us where the fish were, and how to catch them.
I feel sure that we will come back whether for trout or huchen, I do not know. But we will come back and we want to be guided and nannied by you!

Dick Warner
Class Publishing
+44(0)7712 654360

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Michelle Carter & Steve Strong

Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for everything. Steve and I had a GREAT time fishing with Luk as well as hanging out with you guys. We really appreciate you taking us in and treating us like family. It was the highlight of our trip, and a wonderful time that we won't ever forget.

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Matthew Swan

What a fantastic trip!!!! I have been letting
everyone know about your great service. I am about to
make an Ovris order does Don or anybody else need
waders (I can make about 2 orders of waders). What is
the address you want me to send the CD of pictures.

Hope to see ya next year,
from the sunny side of Yellowstone

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