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Rok Lusterik Rok Luštrik
In 2000 I founded Lustrik fishing adventures and professional guide in Slovenia and in other parts of Europe. Been enthusiastic fly fisherman and fly tier from age of 12. I combined love of fishing with tourist guiding to create Lustrik fishing guiding services. I feel truly privileged to be born and live in Slovenia, a country that can offer so wide a variety of fishing options, from gin clear alpine freestone streams to mysterious chalk streams. Love them all: from morning hatch; to nymphing during the day; to anticipating the evening hatch. Diversity is the name of the game in Slovenia: you can expect to catch brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, huchen (hucho hucho), and my personal favorite mysterious marble trout.
Luka Lukman
Involved in fly fishing since he was 10. Luka prefers clear mountain streams of Slovenia, with nymphing sa his favorite way of fishing. The river that he likes to fish the most is Idrijca. It has a very rich and diverse fish life, and gives a real challenge , since it is one of the most technical Slovenian rivers to fish. Luka also ties his own flies.
Bostjan Podbevšek
A former white water rafting expert (including being a champion on the River Zambezi), Bostjan knows every rock of the Slovenian rivers that he trained on. Now he devotes his free time to fly fishing and fly-tying.
Danilo Erjavec
Is only ever parted from his fly rod for two reasons: guiding on fishing trips; and looking after Idrijca river, where he is also a bailiff in the Idrijca fishing club.
Peter Koštrun
Peter Koštrun was born in 1979. Since then he managed to know that fishing is something you do with your best friends, and that friends meet by the water.
Bostjan Gunčar Bostjan Guncar
Professional photographer, that loves to share two things he loves the most; fly fishing and art photo. During his long fly fishing career he mastered all techniques, and perfected his skills in river craft and fly tying.
Igor Oslaj Igor Oslaj
Probably one of our best fly tiers, that knows entomology to perfection. As well as aquatic habitats that insects live in, and we have them all; free stone, chalk stream. It is interesting just to take a peek in his fly box.
Aljoša Crkvenjas Aljosa Crkvenjas
Dedicated to fly fishing with his hart and soul, his life philosophy is Fly fishing - the way of life. Also involved in fly fishing competitions and so enthusiastic that managed to persuade also his girlfriend to join us in this wonderful world of fly fishing
Tomo Sebenik

Probably Slovenias best all-rounder. Trout, Grayling, Hucho, Pike, Perch, Catfish, Carp, he is up to the challenge. Great outdoor person and photographer, that takes perfection to a new level.

Sash Erlih Sash Erlih
An avid fly fisherman with more than 12 years experiences from field, Slovenian clear streams and brooks has led him to his masters in environmental sciences and enchanted him for the rest of his live. Born as water-being, moved from triathlon to free diving, still balancing between salt and freshwater environment; but forced to stay on earth. Loves Slovenian chalk streams Idrijca and Kolpa, with micro-nymphing as his favorite sport. Besides Slovenian also fluent in English, Croatian and German languages.
Damjan Damjan Ahacic
Damjan was still a child when his father introduced him to the art of flyfishing; ever since he has not even imagined his life without a flyfishing rod. Idrijca is the river that he likes best. He knows almost every rock of this wonderful river where he has spent his leisure time for 25 years. He knows very well other Slovenian rivers, as well. Damjan is also an avid sportsman (rugby - Slovenian national team, Hockey, Tennis, Skiing, ...)
We will make sure, you have the best experience possible, no matter on your fly fishing level. We are here for you to help and assist. We do not allow ourselves to fish during guiding, with exception is guests request. Also no need to worry about fishing licenses or flies, since they can be bought on spot from your guide.

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So I would love to take you up on your offer to guide us on one day - after all you are the best in Slovenia - probably Europe!


Slovenien Chamber of Commerce and Industry is authorised for issuing licenses for receptive tourist guides. All guides need to have valid license. It is obligatory for guide, but for you dear guests it means high quality of service.

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